Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another Great New Betta Site!

I've come across another great Betta Site. Has a lot of great info.

Betta Tips!
Betta Information!
Betta Diet!
Betta Breeding and much more.

It's new, but it looks to be growing fast. Check it out! Even better subscribe to the sites RSS feed.

Get Betta information and help build up our Betta Community by visiting the site!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Betta Fish Care - Article from a Betta Owner

Betta Fish Care
by: Ong Hui Woo

Betta is a popular tank fish and its maintenance is least painful. However, it does need care and you must be observant about its heath. A sick Betta is easy to spot since naturally the fish is very active and vibrant. If you have had the fish for a while you will be able to spot immediately when they are unwell.

Following tips can help you keep the Betta ecosystem healthy and vibrant:

1. A bowl large enough to allow ample swimming space is a prerequisite. The fish shouldn’t bump and tear its fins or scales. A large enough tank also ensures that the water has adequate oxygen level.

2. These fish do not require filtration but need the cleanest water you can provide them. Change the water every three days to keep it clean and avoid infection in your fish. The water you add to the tank should have set out for 24 hours (aged water).

3. Bettas are also called Siamese fighting fish because the male of the species will fight each other to death! Never put two males in the same tank. Females can stay together and so can one male with many females. You can also keep your Betta with algae eaters, guppies and corydorus catfish.

4. Ensure that the bottom of the bowl or tank is debris free. You can use something as simple as a turkey baster to do this cleaning. Debris sitting at the bottom will make the water cloudy and unhygienic for the fish. They will also cause the water to smell.

5. Maintain the tank pH at 7.

6. When cleaning the tank accessories, avoid using soap because traces of soap will change the water pH.

7. Betta can jump out of tanks and bowls, so keep them covered.

8. Betta is not a fussy fish and will happily eat the Betta pellets and frozen bloodworms. However, Bettas are fond of live food such as brine shrimp, and you must serve it as a treat now and then.

About The Author

Ong Hui Woo
Betta Fish Owner

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Students Discover Breeding Bettas is Rewarding

Here's another great article on the rewards of Breeding your Bettas - check it out below!

Breeding is rewarding - Daily Kent Stater

Breeding is rewarding
Daily Kent Stater, OH - Oct 25, 2006
The idea of breeding came to her after she purchased her first betta fish, Fiji, last year. ... Malloy said the betta fish would be fully grown at 11 months. ...

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