Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Breeding Betta Fish Question: How Many Days Can We Be Away From Home And Still Be Successful?


Hi, my daughters just bought your ebook (nice!), because they are wanting to sell Bettas to the local petshop, who are needing a good supply of 50 per week. My question is, how many days can we be away from home at a time, and still be successful at this fish operation? Thanks!

Tara in Kansas


@Tara: Glad to hear about the purchase Tara! Your family is stepping into a very fun project.

To answer your question regarding time away, you should be safe to go about your daily routines during breeding. The only times that you should remain around is during the early fry stages. They will require constant care during these sensitive periods.

We don't recommended staying away for long periods of time until the fry are past the 'fry' stage. Betta fish grow quickly so you can plan periods between breeding where your family can go away on vacation. You shouldn't plan any breeding if you expect to be away for more than a day.

Outside of the fry stages you should only leave your (adult)Betta fish alone for a couple of weeks max. Keep in mind they will require regular feeding and tank cleaning.

After a few successful breedings you'll get an idea of how things flow and when the best times are to be around and when you can skip out for a bit.

All the best to you and your daughters on your new business adventure!