Friday, April 03, 2009

Betta's and Filters

"XxKitKatxX said...

Hi =] I have a question- I'm getting a Betta fish in January and I'm planning to buy an Eclipse 6 tank with filtration. I had a Betta in the past before in a large bowl and it was a lot of work keeping it clean, so this is why I'm thinking about the tank with a filter. Would this be a good idea? Please let me know!Thanks =]By the way- I also have a Betta blog! Check it out =)"

Having a tank with a filter for your Betta fish can be safe. You have to make sure however, that any filtering system does not continuously cause ripples and waves on the surface of the water. Why? Remember your Betta is a surface breather. It has to come up to the surface air to breathe. When the surface water is rapid and splashes this can cause water to choke your Betta when she comes up for air, possibly drowning her.

The Eclipse series tanks are very nice tanks for small aquariums. Just be sure to ask your local pet store to help you select the proper filtration system and you should be good to go! Remember the less surface waves and splashes the better.

Best of luck!