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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Betta on the Wall?

Hanging Fish Pod
Instead of filling empty wall space with another picture frame, display an aquatic environment. The Hanging Fish Pod is a fish bowl with a hemisphere shape that is made to hang on a wall. The back of the Hanging Fish Pod rests flush against the wall and the front of the Hanging Fish Pod protrudes 5 inches. It holds approximately one gallon of water and would make a cozy home a lone betta fish or other small fish. When not inhabited by fish, other uses for this hanging hemisphere are possible - it could also serve as a funky vase, planter, or container for sundries.

Hanging Fish Pod: Betta Fish Vase / Bowl - Postmodern PetsHanging Fish Pod - Betta Fish

Now how cool is that - it's a definite must look!

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