Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Feed Your Fry!

Here are some helpful quick tips to help you care for your Betta Fry.

You can raise the betta fry in an aquarium, but there are a few important things to remember.

1) You have to feed them several times a day. They can easily starve in a few hours, especially in a "clean" aquarium with no infusoria to graze on. Try boiling an egg, crumbling a tiny part of the yolk into a little water in a jar or something you can shake, and feeding that.

2) You have to change the water almost every day, which can be tricky due to having such tiny fry in the water! But they grow very quickly when given enough water changes and food. (A good way to keep them is in a tank with *no* gravel, only lots of floating plants. Live plants also add a little infusoria, generally).

3) You should keep the tank covered as much as possible to keep the air temperature just above the water the same as the water temperature. When their labyrinth organ first develops, and they go to the surface to breathe, they can develop pneumonia if the air temp is too cold! -heather h.

Feeding Baby Betta Fish.

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