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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Post Your Betta Questions

Hi again everyone. Thank you for everyone that has sent in their Betta Questions, but what about everyone else?

If you have a Betta question. Any question. You can ask it by making a comment to this post. This way everyone can see your questions. So start posting your Betta questions now and I will do my best to answer the most popular questions.

So what's on your mind? Post your Betta question today!


Miss Moneypenny said...

I enjoyed your site. It's good to know there are others out there like me living la BettaLoca. I'd like to link to your site on my own
Thanks:) Leanne

Ebeth said...

Betta is not eating, stays at the top in one place. We cleaned out his tank on day and he jumped out and landed on the shaggy bathroom carpet, we caught him and put him back. He seemed shocked, but hasn't eaten. That was 3 days ago, he seems to be swimming around fine when visited with, but will not eat.
Spits out or swims away from it.

He has a glowing strip above his mouth,but my daughter says that has always been there.

His face is pink while most of the time it is bluish.

His eyes are fine and

His fins are fine and well functioning. However, his top fin is rather droopy.

What do you think?


TL said...

Although, it's a bit difficult to determine what's wrong not being able to witness your Betta in person it does sound like he'll be ok from everything you've stated about this physical state. Betta are known to jump out of their tanks occasionly. I had one jump out of tank in the office and I didn't find him until monday morning!! He then continued to live for 4 years! So dont' worry, they're pretty tough fish.

As for the eating, you can try to feed him different types of food. Although 'live' food are very popular among Betta fish you may want to try flakes or pellets. Ask for a sample from your local pet store and tell them you only want to test it to see if your betta will eat it. Hopefully, this will determine what he will or will not eat. Sounds likely a picky Betta. Its been known to happen. So stick with it and all the best of luck to you.

Christine said...

I just bought a betta 2 days ago, and it seems like he's yet to acclimate to his new home. I know it's not the best setup but I was given an 85oz bowl/kit.

He seemed ok at the store but ever since he got into the bowl he's been very lethargic. He'll either lie at the bottom or float at the surface at a diagonal angle. When he does happen to swim around it's quick and spurt-like. He's eaten everytime I've fed him though, which is only twice since he's been in the bowl.

The water I used to fill the bowl was from the sink that I'd set out in a bowl for about 2-3 days prior to purchasing the fish. The kit also came with plastic rocks and a fake plant. I also added some decorative mancala/glass beads. The plant, rocks, and beads I rinsed clean without soap.

What is wrong with my betta? Or is it something I've done/haven't done? I currently have about 3 pints of water sitting out which I treated with water conditioner. I'm waiting for it to reach room temperature, and am considering changing half of the water in the fish bowl.

Pawn2424 said...

Hello! I hope you can help identify what's wrong with my beta. So I bought him at the store with Swim Bladder Disease (I found this out later, he was the best looking one there, even with the disease). I fasted him for three days and fed a pea for three days after that. He got significantly better, and started to be able to swim properly. But after the bubble deflated (it was by his tail), his tail now drops, and he becomes almost vertical when he's not moving. It's almost like he got used to the bubble on his tail, and now that it's gone - he can't swim right. I'm not sure whats up, have you heard anything like this before?


XxKitKatxX said...

Hi =] I have a question- I'm getting a Betta fish in January and I'm planning to buy an Eclipse 6 tank with filteration. I had a Betta in the past before in a large bowl and it was alot of work keeping it clean, so this is why I'm thinking about the tank with a filter. Would this be a good idea? Please let me know!Thanks =]
By the way- I also have a betta blog! Check it out =)

Shailesh said...

Hi my betta fish is with me for 6 months. From today it is staying at the bottom of the bowl and very less movement. Pl help ASAP...... I dont want my fish to die.....

jobuckeye said...

Sick betta. Tonight I changed from spring water to Reversed Osmosis water. I added 1 cap of Betta Water Conditioner and 1 cap of BettaFix both made by API, to 1.5 gallons water. My question, "Is it ok that I added both to the water?" My bettas' symptoms are: 1) he seems to struggle to 'stay at the top' when trying to feed on his freeze dried blood worms, 2) he swims really fast to the top to take a breath, 3) after that while at bottom he lays almost on his side and he bends to the left. He has been like this for 1.5 weeks.

jobuckeye said...

Um, I'm new to this. Not sure how I'll know if someone responded to my post. I'll just keep checking back periodically. T/y.

Anonymous said...

Do betta fish recognise faces and other familiar objects?
My betta Indigo seems to know me because when I stand next to my tank he swims out from wherever he is to see me (Most likely he knows I'm about to feed him!)! It's very cute, he is like a little dog! Also, I keep my tub of fish food near my tank and when I pick it up he swims to the top of the tank and hunts around for his meal he knows he'll get!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my daughters just bought your ebook (nice!), because they are wanting to sell Bettas to the local petshop, who are needing a good supply of 50 per week. My question is, how many days can we be away from home at a time, and still be successful at this fish operation? Thanks!
Tara in Kansas

TL said...

@Tara: Glad to hear about the purchase Tara! Your family is stepping into a very fun project.

To answer your question regarding time away, you should be safe to go about your daily routines during breeding. The only times that you should remain around is during the early fry stages. They will require constant care during these sensitive periods.

We don't recommended staying away for long periods of time until the fry are past the 'fry' stage. Betta fish grow quickly so you can plan periods between breeding where your family can go away on vacation. You shouldn't plan any breeding if you expect to be away for more than a day.

Outside of the fry stages you should only leave your (adult)Betta fish alone for a couple of weeks max. Keep in mind they will require regular feeding and tank cleaning.

After a few successful breedings you'll get an idea of how things flow and when the best times are to be around and when you can skip out for a bit.

All the best to you and your daughters on your new business adventure!

SuziQCat said...

My question is in regard to feeding the betta peas to help with constipation. How do you keep the pea from just sinking to the bottom of the bowl? He won't eat from the bottom, that i've seen, so I am at a loss as to how to help him. Thanks!

nicholas said...

Nice blog you have there. Well, I'm having problem in breeding my bettas. I thought I had a perfect pairs. When I seperate them in a same tank, it's seem they like each other much cause they starting to flare their tails. But when I let them be in it together, the female always chase off the male. I was wondering why?
I hope you can help me. Thanks

Aysha said...

when i bought my betta, he was a dark blue, almost black in the head. all of a sudden his fins started to get a hint of red around where they connect to his body. his head also turned red. is it normal for bettas to change color???

Aysha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannah said...

I just got a female betta and I think she is pregnant what should I do?

fyregyrl said...

I have 7 bettas(3 females, and 4 males). My Father used to breed them , so I am an experienced Betta owner...My boyfriend and I have taken to rescuing them one at a time from places like Walmart and commercial pet stores where we find them in awful condition. Each of our Bettas is in a separate tank. Recently we rescued a crowntail from a Walmart here in ohio. We have had him for about 2 months. He is a beautiful blue crowntail with a wonderful personality, lots of energy, and a very healthy appetite. about 3 weeks ago, he developed a pure white spot on his dorsal fin, where it meets the body. It almost looks bleached out. and it is spreading...he now looks like he has a saddle. He has developed another spot on top of his head, which is also spread to around his eye. We are fastidious about the cleanliness of our Betta tanks and when I looked at the fish through a magnifying glass, there seems to be absolutely no parasites, scale damage, fungus or any other signs that something is amiss, other than the loss of color. His fins are all up, he is very active and interactive, and has a great appetite. Having raised these fish for most of my life, I am familiar with the common Betta diseases, and I have looked online for any possible similarities and known diseases, to no avail. Do you have any thoughts on this? It seriously looks like he is losing his color in if you bleached a blue t-shirt...any input would be appreciated...if necessary, I can send you a photo of what he looks like...

Emily said...

Hi, I am getting a betta in a month or so, and I am planning on getting an Aqueon Mini Bow five gallon tank. My question is what is a good heater for this tank? All I can find at the pet store for this size tank are heaters that increase the temperature by five degrees, but because of where I live the temperature varies quite a bit so that kind of a heater would be impractical. Oh, and another question, what is the best temperature for a betta fish?

Autum S said...

I have some questions about breeding Bettas. I am only 13 and want to start breeding bettas, of course, but i dont really get that much $. Do i have to have a filter in my breeding tank? Do i need a heater? What can i use as a breeder tank other than a normal fish tank? (could i use things like storage tub etc. thats just my example dont get me wrong on that) Lastly, how old should the bettas be when i separate them and give them away? Thanks

fyregyrl said...

Why is it that no one ever seems to receive a response unless they buy the author's book? I posted a question over 2 months ago(although the page says that it was at 10:20 pm this evening)because I really wanted an expert's advice (and had tried several other "fish experts" on several other sites to no avail) and never received any kind of acknowledgment at all from you. By the way, the betta has since passed away(this morning). He lasted for 2 months after the color change stopped spreading, but no-one was ever able to tell me what his particular ailment was. Indeed, his symptoms seemed to be unheard of. Thanks for the help. - Fyregyrl

Steph said...

I have a male betta fish which i have taken care of for 3 years now. After reading your blog I'm am sure that he's in tip top betta shape. That being said he has one weird tick. I used to keep his tank, an unfiltered one gallon, next to my computer and I noticed that when I play certain bands he begins to flare up and starts swimming laps,and then rams into the side of the tank repeatedly until i turn it off. I have since moved his tank but am still curious is this behavior random or do betta fish respond to music?

Liz said...

I don't have any problems but I just wanted to share my fish with a few other enthusiasts. I currently have 25 Betta's (15 are not even 24 hours old)! I have them ranging in age from >24 hours old to 8 years and 3 months old.

My oldest: Prince Red is a Crowntail and almost solid red except for a little white on his face. He's been with me since I was 12 years old. He resides in a 40 gallon planted tank that is heated and filtered. He's spoiled rotten and when I put a blue stick in the water he comes to it for some treats. He also knows how to jump for food; also why he has a tight fitting lid on his tank.

The rest are relatively new in my house.

We have Ciel who is a half moon plakat blue/green mustard gas Betta. I'm unsure how old he is because he was from the pet store. He lives in a planted 5.5 gallon heated and gently filtered with a bamboo shrimp.

Sebastian is a Black with copper overlay half moon Plakat. He lives in a planted 5.5 gallon heated and gently filtered tank with 2 ghost shrimp (the craftiest shrimp alive I think).

Lady Elizabeth is a 3.5 month white pearly half moon plakat who is heterogeneous for double tail on her father's side. She appears to have a blue-green sheen on her (especially the tail) when she catches the light the right way. She lives in a planted 5 gallon Marineland crescent tank with heater and filter.

Lady Blanc is also a 3.5 cream colored (not as white as Lady Elizabeth) pearly half moon plakat, sister of Lady Elizabeth. She lives in a planted 5.5 gallon heated and gently filtered.

Ash is a 3.5 white half moon plakat with a tiny bit of red in his bottom fin and blue in the first half of his body and part of his tail. He is brother of Lady Elizabeth and Lady Blanc. He currently resides in a 20 gallon long with 15 of his offspring who aren't even 24 hours hatched yet. He's a diligent father if not a little clumsy and hasn't quite figured out it takes more than puffing them at the nest to get them to stick to it. He's constantly having to retrieve falling fry. Him and his sister's came off of Aquabid and arrived last friday at 1pm. He was bred with Lady Blanc in an effort to get some double tailed fry out of them.

General is a multicolored (black, red, and violet) crowntail. He is my first rescue case. He USED to live in a 1/3 gallon bowl in a department store here in town. After complaining to the clerk about their depressed sick (had fin rot) fish and how they really needed to get him a heater filter and larger tank he was given to me to see if I could save him. This was 3 months ago. He currently resides in 16.6 portion of a 50 gallon tank. When I got him I couldn't tell what fin type he was but now I'm fairly certain he is a crowntail.

My second rescue Soot is a fighter plakat. (black with little other color). He currently has shredded fins and a somewhat depressed demeanor. He's been with me for 2 weeks. Him and my 3 rescue were used as fighters and discarded as they were both "losers". He resides in 16.6 gallon portion of a 50 gallon tank.

Char (pronounced CH-are not SH-are or Care) is my 3rd rescue. He was also a "looser" and discarded. He has shredded fins as well as a missing eye and pectoral fin. He currently resides in a 16.6 gallon portion of a 50 gallon tank and has little trouble swimming despite his disabilities.

Some of my betta's can be seen here:

greatestmind12 said...

Ok, my Betta, Koa, seems ok. At first I thought he was constipated, but I turned out to be wrong. Something is off but I just can't figure it out! There is a strange discoloration going on on his belly. He is all black, but recently some of his scales are turning a strange ivory yellowish color. He is also very lazy and looks dead half the time. Please tell me what's wrong with my fishy! Love your site by the way, very helpful. Mahalo! :)


KaileyG said...

Hello everyone! I love my bettas to pieces! Feeding them high quality food and keeping them in good tanks with heated water. Recently while reading in my biology book they used bettas as an example to show genes and how they are passed from each fish. Upon reading this I remembered the reason I purchased my male and female veil tales. I had the interest in breeding them. That interest was quickly lost when I realized I had no space to breed them. But because we are learning about genes and traits passed down I asked my teacher if I could use the back of his classroom to breed them. He loved the idea and now I am researching in depth as this will be my first time breeding bettas. I understand everything up until separating the fry. What should I keep the fry in and how should I regulate the temperatures in each container? Sorry for being so wordy for such a simple question! Haha But anyways any advice regarding that, breeding, or anything else on the fry would be very useful! Thank you!

KaityLady said...

I'm afraid i'm feeding my betta too much. He acts like a hungry little piggy half starved. The food i have is the tiny bits they're about the size of the tip of a ball point pen. The very enthusiastic and helpful employee at Petsmart told me to feed him 2-3 once a day. Did that, and Ares would beg and stare us down at mealtime. so i bumped it up to 2-3 bits at 6am and 6pm. The begging lessened but by 6pm feeding he'd scarf down his food like the hungry little piggy he is. He is also eating his plant. The instructions on the food state to feed him "several times daily in small amounts". That's not specific enough, how many, how often.

Gigi said...

My beta's tail has grown so long that it is very hard for him to swim. He is about 3 yrs old. Is it ok to cut some of it off. I can send a picture. Please any suggestions

Anonymous said...

I am the most unlucky man in this world . I love fish and used to love it so much than my own life like to see it swim around the aquarium and when i see it I will be very happy . I am fated guy whatever i love always leave me and go i dont know why and today my betta fish died few hours ago and it really make me so sad not first time like this many times already . I am unlucky guy :'( i hope no ones get a situation like me i am fated to be like this :'(