Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's A New Year for Betta Lovers!

Actually it's a new year for everyone, but we're more important aren't we? =)

To help kick start the new year I thought I'd start a poll. You can find it in the left column of the blog. Now, we all know there is a HUGE number of people who love Betta fish, but just how many fish does each person own? That's this months poll question: How many betta fish do you own?

Take the poll and Let us know. I've always been quite curious. I'm going to assume for those that aren't breeding betta, most people will own at least 1 or 2. If I have to choose I'm going to say just 1. What's your guess? Take the poll and find the answer!

That's it for now. Happy New year and all the best to all my fellow betta fish enthusiasts!

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