Sunday, March 09, 2008

Poll Results: How Many Betta Fish Do You Own?

Last months Poll Results are now in!

We asked all of you how many betta fish do you own? Thank you to everyone who posted to the poll. And here are your results:

I own 0 betta: 5% of you don't own a betta fish.
I own 1 betta: 41% own 1 betta fish.
I own 2 betta: 41% own 2 betta fish.
I own 3+ betta: 11% own 3 or more betta fish.

If you missed out on our poll you can still leave a comment. So, how many betta fish do you own?


Anonymous said...


Northern Lights Aquatics said...

We have two male bettas and one female.

I love bettas!

Emily said...

I don't have any yet, but in a couple of months I plan on getting one. Your site has been very helpful. I am using the two months till I get a betta to learn as much as I can about them.